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The Plum Blossom Meditation brings forth the energies of hope and support in you to gently and easily assist you in moving through the winter season of your life. 

Image by Hiroshi Tsubono

Which of your goals have yet to materialize?

You’ve planted the seeds and taken actions.  Are you seeing results?

Support is essential.  Do you have it?

Are you just about ready to give up?

Do you want to manifest supportive relationships in your life?

Listen to Selena’s Plum Blossom Meditation on her YouTube channel this February!

During this meditation, Plum Blossom and her good friend, the Japanese Bush Warbler (aka Uguisu), intimately connect you with the energies of hope and good fortune so that you can easily and gently traverse the winter season of any goal where you have planted seeds and the energy has stagnated. 

As the plum blossom’s beautiful blooms stand out during the winter, so does your ability to recognise the first signs of manifestation. 

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