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Selena has studied with a variety of teachers, including a 28-year apprenticeship with Master Curandera Starr Fuentes, and has taught in over 17 countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas.


A former military officer, she experienced early on the richness of working with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, as well as creating and cultivating community with responsible leadership through ritual, consistency and showing up for herself and her students.


Being in Selena’s presence, you will know that there is a deep connection to the ancient wisdom that is full of magic and wonder. In her clear, precise and supportive approach, she will bring you through the dimensions needed for huge shifts and healing on all levels in your life.


Selena is known internationally for her dynamic and grounded style of delivering profound teachings stemming from ancient wisdom, and touching individuals on the deepest of levels. A gifted initiator and activator, Selena brings new energies to life with ease and grace. Fluent in five languages, Selena’s work appeals to people from different and varied walks of life.

A spiritual master teacher with 35 years of experience, Selena Rodriguez is known internationally for her unique way of sparking the magic in individuals and groups on the deepest of levels, and for her profound gifts as an initiator, activator and light seeder.

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