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Enochian Angel Reading

The Enochian Angels have been around for aeons, and were introduced to the modern world in the 16th century. Selena has been working with the Enochian Angels on the conscious level for over 20 years, and on deeper levels for much longer.

These angels are truly magical. In an Enochian reading, Selena connects with the Enochian Angels and brings forth messages that unveil the deeper workings of your being: what you have been creating on deeper levels, where you are now, and the energies you are bringing forth into the new year.


Often during a reading, a particular angel or group of angels comes forth to assist you in your co-creation of a particular goal, an area of your life, or in general.


The Enochian Angel Reading is based on the system of Enochian High Magic. Selena connects deeply with the Enochian angels to bring forth messages for unveiling the deeper workings in your life; what you have been creating consciously and unconsciously, vital energies at play in your life now, areas to transcend, and key insights in support of your co-creations in the coming year and beyond.

Your Enochian reading gives you an astonishing look at the big picture… your big picture in connection with the big picture of the universe and beyond. Frequently during an Enochian reading, a particular angel or group of angels comes forward to assist you in the co-creation of your destiny, in deep alignment with divine harmony.)


Enochian Angel Readings are by appointment and are subject to Selena’s availability. It can be done in ½ hour, 45 minutes, or 1 hour.


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