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Selena’s online events and courses provide a wonderful opportunity to receive the unique teachings and experiences that Selena offers. Selena’s selection of online events and courses are as vast and varied as the plethora of teachings and services she provides. She weaves her work in harmony with the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and stars, for events that are in alignment with the here and now.


Selena offers three types of online events:

Image by Jason Leung

Signature Hanafuda Events

During these events, you receive healing, magic, guidance, and/or some type of transformative experience. The magic of Hanafuda is based on ancient Japanese wisdom and reaches deeply into the places and spaces in your DNA for accessing your true nature.

Four-week courses

Based on ancient teachings from the curanderos of Mexico and/or other lineages worldwide. These courses are filled with transformation, powerful insights, guidance and clarity, and often include one or more tools

which you can use with yourself

and/or others.

Special Events

These may include some kind of initation or a special topic.

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