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The Lion's Gate Initiation & Activation

On 8 August, 2022

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Once a year, a magical alignment in the stars opens a powerful portal of transformation that is available to us all. Approximately between July 28 to August 12, the Sun in Leo comes into alignmentwith Sirius, Orion’s Belt, and the Earth – forming the Lion’s Gate Portal. This initiation and activation, happening on August 8, are when the energies of the portal are the strongest. Selena will be your docent to guide you through this portal to experience profound transformation so that you can step forward into the person you really want to be, and the life you really want to live. --- Which doorways have you been avoiding? Do you feel as if there is a doorway for you to pass through, yet you seem to be hitting walls? Is there a new beginning you want to manifest, yet something seems to be holding you back? Is there something you wish to let go of, so you can move into a better version of yourself? When you enter the Lion's Gate portal, guided by a master teacher, amazing shifts can happen for you: • Cut short repeated karmic cycles • Manifest what you desire quicker • Receive the courage to be who you are --- As the stars align for this magical portal, you get into alignment with who you really are as well. Join us in this extraordinary opportunity to step forward into the new you.

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