"I feel very blessed to have met Selena as a master teacher and friend. I have utmost respect for her kindness, professionalism and integrity. I have attended her powerful and life enhancing classes: Hanafuda 2018  and 1-3 DNA 2017 being the best experiences that my daughters experienced with me."

Zelina Tan

"Selena is a powerful healer and spiritual teacher.  Her healing penetrates deep into my core and alleviates my deep-seated blockages. Even remotely, I can feel her powerful energy working at all PEMS levels. She has a reservoir of spiritual knowledge from the Curandero lineage as well as outside the lineage. Her ability to transmit the knowledge from multiple dimensions through powerful downloads is amazing. I am grateful for Selena's guidance and support in opening up my gifts and my heart.

Thank you, Selena!"


I work with ancient energy tools to support you in your growth, awareness, the well-being of your energy bodies, and in creating success in the varied facets of life.

Information and guidance are key elements in making choices. As a psychic, I enjoy providing insights and awareness that can assist you as you make your own informed choices. Sometimes it takes just the right word or a precise energy, to open up new worlds both inside and outside of you. As a master teacher, I know how clarity and precise downloads can spark aha’s inside and out. My teaching method is thorough and clear, and every class is designed to spark transformation and positive action in your life.


Are you ready for a fresh perspective? Explore my site and discover what is possible.


In Love, Joy, and Peace,