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The Beauty of Being Enough

4 x 2-hr sessions. Starts 1 Apr, 2023.

  • 2 hours
  • Online

Service Description

A Curandero Teaching with Selena Rodriguez. “You look different, did you gain weight?”, “Are you getting in shape for summer?”, “Look at how slim and beautiful that model is!”, “You should watch your weight.” From a young age, many of us have experienced such judgments from our family, friends, and the media. These comments can seed deep-rooted self-image and self-worth issues in some, and for others, it can lead to unhealthy eating habits like bulimia. In this class, we will focus on the energies of bulimia, and you will learn what the curanderos teach about the negative cycle of binging and purging. WHAT CONTRACTS HAVE YOU MADE WITH YOURSELF AND OTHERS? From not getting enough food, to self-inducing vomiting, to getting rid of the extra calories in an unhealthy manner – people with bulimia often feel that they are not slim enough, not beautiful enough, and just not enough. What part of you has agreed to being evaluated, and how true are these judgements for you? In this class we will uncover hidden contracts and psychic influences that have shaped your self-esteem, and work with tools and techniques for letting go of that which does not support your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. JOURNEY INTO YOUR SELF, AND RADIATE LOVE FROM WITHIN What does it really mean to “be enough”? What can you do and be to love and accept every single part of you? Beyond the superficial expectations, the physical body has an important function in providing access points and healing for emotional, mental, and spiritual dis-ease. As you begin to accept and love the body, so do your power and gifts start to shine. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN • A specialised Curandero technique for healing the energies of bulimia • 10 original energetic causes • The role of past lives • 14 tools for transforming the energies of bulimia • A powerful technique for resetting the subtle bodies and bringing them into agreement • Key Inner child work • The Polyhedral Dome Technique This class is suitable for those who wish to heal the energies of bulimia for themselves, and for those who wish to learn techniques for helping others. This is a four session class. When you enroll for the first date you will automatically be signed up for the entire four-session course. CLASS SCHEDULE Dates 1 Apr, 8 Apr, 15 Apr, 22 Apr Time: 8:30 AM CST, 9:30 AM EST, 3:30 PM CET (Europe), 4:30 PM IST (Israel), 9:30 PM SGT-MYT Last day to enroll: 27 Mar

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