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Sacred Portal Retreat with Juno add-on

In-person retreat

  • Starts Jun 1
  • Hollywood Beach, Florida

Service Description

Investment USD 5555 A deposit of USD 555 will secure your place at the retreat. Kindly click on Book Now to complete your deposit payment. Dates Sacred Portal Journey Retreat: 1 - 9 June 2023 | Hollywood Beach Goddess Juno Initiation (Special add-on): 9 – 11 June 2023 | Juno Beach After being in the portal, travel up to Juno Beach to receive and learn to give the Goddess Juno Initiation. Goddess Juno, one of the original 3 Gods of Rome, is the Great Mother and the Goddess of Childbirth and Relationships. As a major goddess, she was known to be very strong and independent. Juno is the Queen, the Mother, the Midwife, and the Bringer of Light. The initiation into her mysteries brings an astounding amount of light to birthing or growing your business, facilitating childbirth, starting a relationship, and illuminating and deepening existing relationships. Aligned with the waxing and waning of the moon, Juno aligns your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems with the cycles of the moon in an intricate dance that harmonizes with the energies of flow. Energies that have been stuck can leave more easily and elegantly, once you have received this initiation. Through the initiation into Juno’s mysteries, a profound sense of wealth sets into your heart and soul as new levels of care become apparent in your relationships and financial life. Through Goddess Juno, you get to experience the fruits of your creation, which is a divinely feminine manifestation. Embrace the Divine Synchronicity of receiving this powerful initiation in the month of June (named for Juno), on Juno Beach. YOU WILL RECEIVE: 3 Major Triangular Portal Initiations • Initiation into the Bermuda Triangle and the World Triangular Portal System. • Teachings on what a triangular portal is and does. • The names, function, and purpose of each portal. Introduction to Time Travel. • DNA correspondences. 7 Egyptian Initiations • Teachings of seven major Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. • Ancient Egyptian Magical Formulas. • Enhanced connection with Alien Races. Advanced Ropanium Activations • Activation of ancient DNA coding, bringing forth advanced Atlantean knowledge. • A deepened relationship with these Gods and Goddesses. • Abilities from Atlantis that have lain dormant will come to life that you will be able to apply today. • Being in the portal will amplify the effects. Goddess Juno Initiation • Receive and learn to give the Goddess Juno Initiation. Surprises

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