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Sacred Portal Journey Retreat

In-person retreat

  • Starts Jun 1
  • Hollywood Beach, Florida

Service Description

Investment USD 3333 A deposit of USD 333 will secure your place at the retreat. Kindly click on Book Now to complete your deposit payment, or contact our office at to pay in full. Date 1 - 9 June 2023 The Bermuda Triangle has been the subject of great mystery, with reports of paranormal and mystic activities going as far back as 1492 and earlier. The curanderos and other lineages teach that this portal existed and was widely used during Atlantis and before, as part of a World Triangular Portal System that today continues to span the globe. In this advanced retreat, you will eat, sleep, work, and play inside the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle, as defined by the curanderos of Southeastern Mexico, and the portals with which it connects. Your journey through the World Triangular Portal System will immerse you in a tremendous concentration of spiritual cosmic energies. YOU WILL RECEIVE: 3 Major Triangular Portal Initiations • Initiation into the Bermuda Triangle and the World Triangular Portal System. • Teachings on what a triangular portal is and does. • The names, function, and purpose of each portal. Introduction to Time Travel. • DNA correspondences. 7 Egyptian Initiations • Teachings of seven major Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. • Ancient Egyptian Magical Formulas. • Enhanced connection with Alien Races. Advanced Ropanium Activations • Activation of ancient DNA coding, bringing forth advanced Atlantean knowledge. • A deepened relationship with these Gods and Goddesses. • Abilities from Atlantis that have lain dormant will come to life that you will be able to apply today. • Being in the portal will amplify the effects. Surprises

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