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Maple Magic

4 x 2-hr sessions. Starts 7 Oct, 2023.

  • Starts Oct 7
  • Online

Service Description

Free yourself from the past as you infuse your intentions with the flow of sweet water. Maple Magic invokes the gentle power of grace, beauty, and elegance to resolve grief, dissolve resistance and restore flow. In which areas of your life have the energies been “stuck”? Magic is possible when we are in the NOW. Unresolved grief and attachments to people, places, and events of the past can cause us to continually re-direct our vital energy into the past, resulting in stagnation in the present. Resistance, when we allow it, intermeddles with our deeper intentions, creating blockages, and causing us to veer off course. In this class, you will learn the powerful magic of maple for getting unstuck and re-establishing vital flow in any area of your life. You will receive simple and powerful tools to: • Receive clear guidance and messages • Detect key blockages • Gently heal grief • Retrieve repressed sweetness • Revitalize and strengthen flow Loosen the hold of encumbrances and complications and return to a state of grace. As you bring fortitude and endurance to your creations, you will have the tools to revitalize each of the areas of your life, in alignment with the highest good of all concerned. Maple Magic is a 4-week online event, 2 hours per week for four weeks, with special assignments between sessions. The course will take place on 7 Oct, 14 Oct, 21 Oct, 28 Oct 9 AM CDT, 10 AM EDT, 4 PM CEDT (Europe), 5 PM IDT (Israel), 10 PM SGT-MYT Last day to enroll: 6 Oct

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