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Iris Timeline Healing

May 6, 2023

  • Online

Service Description

Are you continuing to re-create your past in one or more areas of your life? What cords continue to connect you to past patterning? Issues of the past that have not been resolved remain on your timeline and continue to surface at certain points in your life until they are healed. Your timeline zig-zags through your DNA, and at certain points, the seeds you have planted in the past will sprout. Some seeds need to be nourished so that they can continue to grow and flourish, while other seeds have grown into weeds that manifest in your body and/or life as dis-ease or imbalances. The Iris, called Ayame in Japanese, heals the timeline and is especially proficient at clearing the roots of jealousy, control issues, regret, suppression, repression, and grief. Who will you be in your future? The Iris Timeline Healing is not limited to your past, as you will also have the opportunity to heal your future. Each time we make a choice, we embark upon a pathway. Iris teaches us that one path leads to the next. These pathways set into our DNA and continue along in a zig zag pattern, creating the future with each path we take. In preparation for this event, you will identify key points along your future RNA to receive the healing of Iris. As you heal your timeline, new opportunities will emerge to plant new seeds for your present and future. The Iris Timeline Healing is a 1 ½ hour online event, during which you will receive from Selena a powerful timeline healing through the unique energies of Ayame. It will take place online on 5 May 2023. There will be a pre-assignment before the class. 9 AM CDT, 10 AM EDT, 4 PM CEST (Europe), 5 PM IST (Israel), 10 PM SGT-MYT Last day to enroll: 1 May

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