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Hanafuda Magic Online

A Healing and Transformative Course based on ancient Japanese Wisdom

  • Started Jan 8
  • 6,500 US dollars
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Service Description

The Hanafuda Magic course, based on ancient Japanese wisdom, works with high-level movement of energy to access your deeper nature and activate your gifts and soul contracts. Hanafuda cards have been popular in Japan and Korea for hundreds of years. Yet their origins are ancient and contain profound teachings. In Japanese, “hana” means flower and “fuda” means card. Simply expressed, hanafuda means “flower cards.” The twelve suits in a Hanafuda deck feature flowers or trees and totems that connect to the solar-lunar cycles and carry a spirit that teaches, heals and transforms. Hanafuda Magic utilizes the Hanafuda cards as a tool to excavate your hidden gifts and awaken the unique nature of your being, all while unbinding your heart and increasing your ability to create and attract by unleashing your soul gifts into the world. The Hanafuda Magic, including the Hanafuda Activations, are original works of Selena Rodriguez, acce