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CNY AKA Cord Cutting (test)

On Jan 21, 2023

  • Ended
  • 11:30pm - midnight in your time zone

Service Description

Start your Lunar New Year fresh and renewed by receiving an AKA Cord Cutting from Selena! The New Moon in January heralds the Lunar New Year, and we will transition from the Year of the Water Tiger to the Year of the Water Rabbit. As one lunar year closes, and the new year begins, it is a time of leaving past attachments behind and welcoming new energies in alignment with the cycles of the Moon. Are you ready to let go of unhealthy attachments? The AKA Cord Cutting is the most thorough method available for cutting cords in the curandero lineage. In a compact amount of time, ALL of your cords are cut, removing any and all energies that do not serve in your life. After the process is complete, only your blessings cords and lessons cords, in alignment with your highest good, will remain. As your cords are cleared, you will be able to more readily receive the good of the seeds you have planted, experience the joy of fruitfulness, and begin new ventures with the fertility of Rabbit. Selena will do your cord cutting during a time on the evening of January 21 in your time zone, before you go to bed or while you are sleeping. Approximate time will be 11:30pm to midnight in your time zone. If you are at a CNY party at that time or otherwise not available to rest in a quiet space, contact our office ( and we will find a time that works for you! There is nothing for you to prepare, to receive the AKA Cord Cutting. The day after the cord cutting you will receive a short email feedback from Selena.

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