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Arch White

The 7 Arch Initiations

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The Arch Initiations open the portals that connect you to the specific energies within Source that you are seeking to incorporate into your life. In the Curandero System, there are 7 Arch Initiations, one for each color of the rainbow. If there is something in your life that you're not manifesting, it typically means that one or more colors of the rainbow that radiates through and from your auric field is missing. In our natural and perfect state, we have all 7 colors of the rainbow. This month Selena is offering Arch White. Arch White is of benefit for strengthening, re-establishing, or widening your connection to Source. Do you tend to get “bogged down” with earthly matters or daily life? Do you often find yourself in “control dramas”? White light contains all the colors of the rainbow. It is through all colors together that we can fully connect with Source, with others, and with ourself. How do you disconnect from Source? Some manifestations of missing White may include: - Low self-esteem - Ego controls choices - Lower Self ignores Higher Self - Feeling imprisoned in a relationship - Lack of connection - Frequent headaches - Control, control, control The Arch White initiation strengthens your connections and re-aligns your will with the will of the Divine. Some Benefits of receiving Arch White include: • Head and Heart are connected • Dissipation of resistance • Connection and greater sense of oneness • Higher Self leads • Responsibility (the ability to respond) • Profound presence In preparation for receiving this initiation, you will receive a pre-assignment upon enrollment.

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