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Ancestor Money

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What is Ancestor Money? Ancestor Money, also known as Joss Paper, is a special paper that is burned to honor and support your ancestors. It is based on the teaching that cash and other items have value in the afterlife. The burning of Joss Paper began over 3000 years ago, and is a traditional Chinese and Taoist custom that is widely practiced today, and is also practiced in some Buddhist customs. When we burn joss paper, it gives our ancestors the energies to help support them in getting their lessons more quickly, and turning their lessons into blessings. Karma follows us from one life to another. The leftover Karma of one life becomes imprinted on us from a past life and affects this lifetime and any future ones we may have. Starr’s Chinese and Indonesian teachers taught her that ultimately, burning joss paper alleviates karma in the DNA. Doing so can make the difference between creating luck and not creating luck. Join Selena for this special 4-session event and receive the teachings and downloads that Starr received about ancestor money while she was in Asia. You will learn: - The use of Joss Paper and Joss Sticks. - Teachings on different types of Joss Paper. - Proper burning technique. - The Role of Spirit Time and Divine Timing. - Powerful teachings of the spaces between lifetimes.

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