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Active Minds, Gifted Souls

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Long before there was a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, the Curanderos and Shamans knew and predicted that more and more children would be born into the world with incredible gifts, wisdom, and creativity. Rather than seeing it as an issue to be dealt with, the Curanderos recognized these new ways of being as part of our natural evolutionary process. Our brains are constantly evolving and the energies of the brain are expressing themselves in new ways through a higher vibratory rate. In this class, Selena will be passing on important insights, tools, and techniques that can help individuals, healers, and parents to support the awakening of bright minds and gifts. --- Do you or your child get frustrated, impatient, or bored easily? Do you or your child sometimes or often feel out of control with excessive energy? Do you or your child feel that you or they do things differently and better than others? As we explore what is happening on the energetic level, we move from a place of confusion to clarity, giving us the space to tap into the true potential of the mind. Throughout this four-lesson journey, you will be learning numerous techniques that can support and complement the process of learning and growth at any age. Many of these techniques can be done on yourself and can also be applied to your loved ones or clients. Discover the Curandero wisdom, magic, and targeted solutions, including: • 21 practical steps for dealing with the energies of hyperactivity • 12 methods for working and playing with energy • Starr’s insights on education and schooling The evolving brain needs new forms of nutrition to get to its next level. Join us in this class and learn to create an environment that supports the growth and cultivation of new abilities and gifts for you and your loved ones. The Active Minds, Gifted Souls class will take place online with 4 x 2-hr sessions and homework assignments in between sessions. There will be a pre-assignment before the first class.

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