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Selena is an exceptional guide for aligning the energies and opening new pathways for realizing your higher destiny.

Starr Fuentes, Master Curandera and Teacher
Hot Springs, Arkansas


Selena has given me two flower initiations, which I found to be both powerful and buttery smooth. The first was the Honeysuckle Initiation. It was like a jack hammer – quickly bringing about important change and awareness. I opened my eyes afterwards and almost immediately had a handful of “AHA” moments.

The second flower initiation was the Angelica Initiation, for my writing. It has been a soft, soothing transition. My momentum has been building over the months at just the perfect pace, allowing me to go to depths in my writing to which I never dreamed I’d have the courage to go.

Kee Kee Buckley, Writer
   Austin, Texas


I am so glad I spent time with Selena! She looked into my life, observed where I was stagnant, and then helped me to eradicate obstacles in the way I viewed myself. As a country singer and man in his late 40's, working with Selena has been a wonderful and exciting transformation for me, both inward and outward.

— Roy Rivers, Recording Artist
Hot Springs, Arkansas


When I was going through a phase of my life during which I was feeling clueless, Selena opened up new ways for me.

Gabriele Bodmer, Co-Representative Curanderos Europe
Munich, Germany



I had been feeling lost because I was experiencing great difficulty in making decisions about the large things in my life, i.e. budget and spending, scheduling, where I wanted to live and so forth. Because I could not hear my own voice, I would always look elsewhere and ask other people.

I contacted Selena and booked the Decisions series, which also included a series of Clear Head distance sessions, to quickly clear out years of indecision with the resulting mental confusion and emotional turmoil.

Working with Selena, I suddenly became clear as to all the ways that I was defaulting on decisions, big and small, in my daily life. Guided by Selena's deep insight and discernment, combined with her non-judgmental and gentle manner, over the course of four sessions, I started for the first time in my life to really make decisions, take action, and stop living by default or based on someone else's assessment.

Selena has a unique ability to say a key word or phrase at just the right moment to place everything into perspective (although I often only understood this hours or days later), and this has helped me tremendously to hear my own voice.

I credit the Decisions Series with putting me back in the driver's seat of my life. I am finding that making decisions is pulling me back into myself like nothing else I've tried.  Selena's supportive comments have also helped me to dare to trust myself enough to actually make the decisions - and trust myself to keep them.

I have made so many decisions over the past five months that have taken me to a new plane in my life: am slimming down, exercising, resuming my studies, am taking care of so many things that I used to put off because I just couldn't decide what to do about it. My home, wardrobe, finances are all being decluttered and I am gradually feeling so mentally and emotionally unencumbered that I am feeling happy and free again.

I give Selena the highest recommendation for this or any other process that she offers from her huge repertoire.

— Brenda Nielsen
Copenhagen, Denmark


Selena, you have been a tremendous catalyst in my life with your deep in-sight and clarity, your direct and compassionate honesty,and your powerful tool box! The Matrix Activation and Soul Retrieval continue to shift my life in profoundly beautiful and life-giving ways.Thank you!!!

— Katarina Wohlleben
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


I have being studying with Selena magic and healing and have received some private healing sessions during the last 7 years. In her healing sessions and in her classes Selena brings a clear foundation for growth through her wisdom and insights and always with kindness and a spark of joy. I am grateful for Selena’s continued support in my growing abilities as a healer and teacher, and for her love,compassion and inspiration.

Keren-or Atari, Spiritual Teacher and Healer
   Rio de janeiro, Brazil



Identifying one's direction is not always as easy as it seems, particularly when somebody like me has a pattern of thinking inside the box. I am so glad that I made the choice to work with Selena to jump-start my second career.  The little time I spent with her felt as if I had been studying with her for years.  Before the weekend with Selena, I would not have believed that I could actually begin working in my new career and business so quickly.   The experience I had with Selena was extremely valuable and I am so appreciative.

— Judy Ho, Enochian Consultant
Hong Kong/Toronto


To meet a teacher in life, who is able to guide and support you in opening the doors of awareness is a touch of grace. Luckily I had this touch of grace- I met Selena in 2004 when I participated in a long retreat she lead in Ibiza, Spain.

She shared her wisdom and light with clarity, precision, high vibrations of light and an extra “something” that is extremely hard to express in words and easy to be felt in her presence- charm, mojo, magic!

Until these days, I continue learning with her and being initiated by her, in various classes and private tutoring. Next to her I can see my light and my shadows, become inspired, grow with ease and increase my abilities to play with life and light.

I feel grateful and privileged for Selena’s presence in my life, and for the gifts I have received from her and through her.

— Homaya Amar
International Self-Development Seminar Leader
Paris/Tel Aviv/Kho-panghan



It continues to amaze me how my life has shifted so rapidly due to Selena and the teachings she carries such as the Matrix Activation, Columbian Lights, and so many others. Selena has helped me reach parts of my soul that I had no idea even existed. As a result of this, I have watched my body weight come off and my body continues to transform to a healthy size. Also, my world has expanded and I have a new understanding of how to work and create total care for all the PEMS (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual) for myself. With my deepest of Gratitude I thank you, Selena, for all you do.

— Sioux Storm, Visionary Artist
Austin, Texa


I jump-started my work with Selena with a wardrobe and style makeover in South Florida.  Through the activation of Selena's specialized grids, wisdom and mastery, the clothing and accessories that support my unfolding path and purpose seemed to magically jump off the hangers and displays, as we made our way through each of the stores.  I feel greatly supported in the current shift in my life as my new wardrobe is a reflection of my authentic self.

A few weeks later, I received a distance Lotus initiation from Selena.  This one went so very deep, and the timing has been perfect!  I feel much more deeply connected with my inner self.

Selena's work has freed me concerning several things.   Her work went so deep that a lot of  essential transformation could happen, that I couldn´t make happen by my own, even with continuous work.  Together with the work Selena did with me in South Florida, I now can live my life with much more clarity, joy, and freedom!

Ursula Böckl
Steckborn, Switzerland


In the fall of last year, I asked Selena do the Ropanium DNA Activations. We did all 12, on consecutive nights while I was asleep. Some mornings I had vague recollections/memories of the night before, other mornings, no pictures came to mind. On some mornings, I would even have physical sensations of the work that was done on the previous night.

Since then, it seems the changes in my life are on automatic, without much resistance by me. I have been drawing people into my life that have purpose to what is going on now, with a memory that I knew them prior. The difference now as compared to before the activations is, “I get it”. My memories of Atlantis seem to flow in easily. I would be unable to explain in detail how the DNA activations jump started a powerful momentum…I just know that the activations did exactly that. Things seem to click now, without much resistance from myself. And because of the strands that are dominant this lifetime, that are now activated, my senses seem to be alive now (like someone turned the light switch on). Thank you Selena, for this service. My awareness has been jumpstarted!

Cindy Daigle, Energy Healer
Center for Enlightened Transformation
New Orleans, LA


Throughout the many years I have known Selena, she has provided many interesting classes and services. The most recent service that Selena provided for me was the Matrix Activation. This process has helped bring about major changes in my life. After Selena worked her magic, I let go of a job that I was getting bored with and am now working towards my passions for my career. Along with that, I also attracted a new relationship that is the best one I've ever had. These came about within a few months after the activation. I highly recommend Selena as she is great at blending light and love in a wonderfully magical way!

Ellen Lee, Certified Coach and Energy Healing Facilitator
Dallas, Texas



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