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An initiation begins a new energy or phase in your life, or
starts the manifestation of an existing energy at a new level. 

An activation wakes up energies that have been lying dormant within you. 

Selena is a gifted initiator and activator.  She offers a wide variety of initiations and activations passed down from traditions around this world and beyond.  

Here is a sampling of some of the initiations and activations available. Click on the underlined techniques for detailed descriptions.:



Druid Initiations

Flower Initiations 

Holy Grail Initiation

Lotus Initiations

Masai Initiations

Quantum String Initiation 

Elohim Initiations                                  



Hanafuda Activations

Ropanium Activations

Courage Activation

Matrix Activation

Pillars of Light

Rebel c



Selena giving an initiation in Spain.


Selena has given me two flower initiations, which I found to be both powerful and buttery smooth. The first was the Honeysuckle Initiation. It was like a jack hammer – quickly bringing about important change and awareness. I opened my eyes afterwards and almost immediately had a handful of “AHA” moments.

The second flower initiation was the Angelica Initiation, for my writing. It has been a soft, soothing transition. My momentum has been building over the months at just the perfect pace, allowing me to go to depths in my writing to which I never dreamed I’d have the courage to go.

Kee Kee Buckley, Writer
   Austin, Texas


In the fall of last year, I asked Selena do the Ropanium DNA Activations. We did all 12, on consecutive nights while I was asleep. Since then, it seems the changes in my life are automatic.  Things seem to click now, without much resistance from myself and I have been drawing people into my life that have purpose to what is going on now. The difference now as compared to before the activations is, “I get it”. Thank you Selena, for this service!

Cindy Daigle
Mandeville, Louisiana



To schedule your in person or distance initiation or activation,
please contact Selena at info@selenarodriguez.net

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