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Our DNA contains a multitude of traits, many of which have been passed down from generation to generation.  Beyond that which has been discovered on the conscious plane through science lies a vast amount of information that has been passed down from teacher to student in some of the world’s richest spiritual, shamanic, and healing traditions. 

The scope of what is in our DNA far surpasses that which the conscious mind can fathom.  Within our DNA are worlds within worlds of multi-dimensional attributes, many of which have yet to be activated. 

Selena is a master at working with DNA at the most profound levels.  In her work, she skillfully connects to the essence DNA of each person, catalyzing astounding shifts that reverberate through the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and material levels and beyond. 

Here is a sampling of some of the DNA Work available:


DNA Mapping

A comprehensive method for transforming our DNA.  DNA Mapping removes unhealthy and devitalizing patterns from our DNA, and brings in healthy, vitalizing attributes. Each map re-codes 64 items on one strand of DNA.  Click here to learn more.

Advanced DNA Charts

Angel * Giant * Troll * Leprechaun * Dwarf * Elf * Extraterrestrial * Fairy * Gnome * Witch * Wizard * Druid *

Hanafuda Activations

Each of these 4-part activations aligns one strand of our DNA with the natural cycles of the earth and universe and restores our profound connection and oneness with beauty and nature.

Light Energy Weave
Weaves spirit into matter and matter into spirit.  This technique connects into the DNA and weaves the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and material planes directly through the double helix.

Ropanium Activations

The Ropanium Gods are ancient beings who were known for manifesting things out of thin air.  In each Ropanium DNA Activation, your ancient Atlantean DNA is activated in one of your DNA strands.

Rogras * Appolonia * Patene * Chriogt * Nekran * Hydran * Stratan * Pyran * Charonius * Tempra * Arkta * Sorsos
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To schedule your in person or distance DNA session,
please contact Selena at info@selenarodriguez.net

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