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Selena Rodriguez serves as a catalyst in the lives of numerous people around the world.  She has worked full time in the metaphysical and healing arts since 1990.  For 11 of those years she was traveling almost full time, teaching seminars and working with clients internationally, on ancient lineage teachings.

Selena has studied with numerous teachers.  Most noteworthy was her 12-year apprenticeship with Master Curandera Starr Fuentes.  During that time, Selena worked very closely with Starr, developing such classes as Light Language III, Light Language Teacher’s Training, the Master Cube, the Eternal Moebius, and more.  For seven of those years, when she was not traveling, Selena lived with Starr in her retreat center.  Also during that time, Starr passed on to Selena a multitude of little known teachings that stem from the ancient lineage traditions around the world.  Selena went on to bring many of these teachings to Europe, and trained teachers there and in other locations worldwide, to carry on these teachings. 

Selena is a natural psychic and teacher.  Early in life, she and her family recognized her abilities, and at the age of eight was gifted with her first tarot deck by a family member. Selena also had a strong innate desire for travel and adventure.  As a result, she chose to enter the military.  The Air Force granted her a full college scholarship, and she attended the University of Arizona.  Upon graduation, she spent 5 years as a full-time Air Force Officer, achieving the rank of Captain. 

During her last 2 years in the military, Selena’s psychic abilities were showing up more strongly than before.  During her military and university time, she had been so busy with other things that she hadn’t paid much attention to them.  During her last couple of years in the military, however, it became very apparent to her that, many of the things she observed about the essence and patterns of the people around her, which she thought were very obvious, were things that most of her peers did not see.
In 1990, Selena left the military, and within a few months was working full time as a psychic tarot reader.  While working as a psychic, she also went on to study with numerous teachers and learned a wide variety of metaphysical and healing modalities.  In 1995 she met Starr.

In 1996 Selena became the first certified Light Language teacher trained by Starr, and quickly began to teach Light Language and other lineage courses in numerous cities throughout the United States and in the Caribbean. In 1999, Selena moved in with Starr to develop the Light Language III course. Passionate about getting the Light Language teachings to more people, in 2000 Selena asked Starr if a training could be developed to train other people to teach Light Language. Starr said yes, and in 2001 the first Light Language Teacher Training was taught by Starr and Selena at Starr's retreat center in Texas.

Selena began her international travels in 1999, when she brought Starr's work to Europe. The first Light Language class in Europe was in November 1999, and was quickly followed by the first European Divine Intervention class in Ibiza, Spain, in April 2000. In Europe, Selena lead numerous highly popular seminars of the lineage teachings, and provided private in-person consultations to a wide variety of clientele until the end of 2006, when she returned full-time to the United States. Soon after her return, she decided to expand her practice and bring it to different markets by incorporating her natural styling abilities and knowledge into her work. She returned to Florida and founded South Beach International Makeovers (www.southbeachmakeovers.com), which assists people in discovering their deeper essence and expressing it outwardly through their wardrobe and style. Most of the people in Europe, Israel, Bali, and beyond, who are practicing Light Language, Divine Intervention, and other teachings from Starr's lineage are also in Selena's lineage, having received the teachings through Selena herself, or through students of Selena.

Since her return to Florida, Selena has continued to work with multitudes of individuals from around the world.  Many of Selena’s clients work with Selena from a distance, receiving distance telephone consultations, DNA work, initiations and activations, and more.  Others enjoy flying to South Florida to work with Selena in person.  Occasionally Selena offers a series of events and consultations in cities outside of Florida.

Through her unique gifts, combined with her extensive repertoire of offerings, Selena has guided and continues to guide thousands of individuals in discovering their deeper essence and purpose, gaining clarity, and making shifts and steps forward in their life that many would not have dreamed possible. 

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